Friday, December 30, 2011

The Hiatus Of A Year, Transfer To New Site

After a hiatus of slightly more than a year, it is a pleasure to pen this post on the blog. Though there have been frequent long gaps in the posts in the five years of the blog's existence, the present hiatus was the longest. Upon opening the blog today, it felt as if quest for Nirvana were a stranger, and not the familiar entity one had invested so much cathexis in for such a long time. Going through the content of the blog's pages, it was a revelation to see the cobwebs that had grown all over the site, in the form of broken links of images and videos. To the casual visitor, it must have been clearly evident that the site was neglected. To the regular visitor, the site's condition and lack of fresh content must have presented a sad picture.

The purpose of this post is to formally announce the relocation of quest for Nirvana from its address at to a new site: Beginning now, all fresh content shall be posted on the new site.

While affecting the transfer, care has been taken to repair any broken links, so that when you visit any article at the new site, you should see images that are intact and videos which work.A number of articles too have been removed altogether or pruned, in order to keep the site relevant as a whole.

A salient feature of the new site is that the content is no longer publicly accessible. Readers interested in reading the articles hosted on qfN are required to subscribe by registering with the new site. (There is no subscription cost, for now.) 

Another salient feature of the new site is the new style of navigation of the articles. The long, single-page, monolithic structure of the articles at has now been replaced with a multi-page look and feel.

Yet another feature worth mentioning is the context-specific association of the articles with additional relevant reading material, by way of links to books hosted on The idea is to embed the mind of the reader in multiple streams of thought on the same topic at hand which it is engaged in at the present moment, thus creating a multi-dimensional experience.

In time to come, the site’s present location at will be demolished completely, and qfN will have just this one address on the internet. The reader may therefore consider updating their bookmarks and tags accordingly.

Here is the new site address one more time:

See you at the new site!

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