Thursday, September 24, 2009

Symbolism Of The Stork - That Charming Image Of Childhood Days

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- A Quaint Symbolism That Is Fast Becoming Irrelevant

- "The real mechanics behind the arrival of babies was revealed for the first time in secondary school when the lanky, curly-haired, hollow-cheeked, poker-faced Biology teacher flipped the pages of the textbook to reach the last chapter. In a span of two (or was it three?) hours spread over as many days, the good man taught us everything there was to know about the science of producing babies, as laid down in the chapter -- which was a few pages of dry narrative of hormonal changes at puberty, jumping directly to the first fused cell in the womb, with labeled sketches of the reproductive anatomy of the two genders alongside. Both the textbook and the teacher took care to keep the attention of the class riveted on the mechanics, and just the mechanics. Focused as one was on the forthcoming board exams, one didn't really bother to figure out what was left out and why.


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