Saturday, May 2, 2009

Discover Your Inner Calling

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Follow The Direction Your Internal Compass Is Pointing To

Growing up in the Walden County Home for Boys, New York, life for Evan Taylor didn't really look any different from any of the multitudes of orphans who passed out of that place before him, as well as any of the multitudes of kids who will pass out after he did. Evan Taylor was just another paper of data in the Child Services Department. Except that his peers thought he was a freak, as he seemed to be possessed by a firm conviction that his parents would find him some day. And the department counselor found the child's interest in wind chimes rather quirky and quaint and charming. But Evan Taylor was not an ordinary child. They eventually called him a "child prodigy". But that is just another name given to the phenomenon of discovering one's inner calling early on in life.

Promotional Poster of the movie 'August Rush', wiki_*

* Promotional Poster of the movie 'August Rush', wiki. Performed by Freddie Highmore as Evan Taylor / August Rush.


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