Friday, February 27, 2009

A Chain Made Of Akritic Links And Soritic Metal

image by ba1969,

Or, Why We End Up Breaking Our Resolutions

In a couple of days' time, this year will complete two months. It is a yearly ritual around this time to search for that list of resolutions that had got made in the heat of the New-Year-eve-moment. It is a ritual also, to rue over how the days have slipped past without even a finger being lifted towards fulfilling the goals in that list. And whatever attempt was made, was half-hearted and short-lived. And before we know it, the year will come to a close. All the lofty resolutions and firm determinations spring out from the list, ghost-like, to mock at us, and we either embarrassingly tear off the list to banish the ghosts forever, or we shove it beneath the pile of papers already on the desk, so that it remains out of sight, or push it deep into the drawer so that it never gets picked up till it is time to clean the drawer.


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