Saturday, December 20, 2008

How To Halt - And Possibly Reverse! - Brain's Aging

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- And Best Is: This Technique Doesn't Cost Anything

A fact of life for you to digest: if you are past the adolescent age, then chances are that right at this moment, the size of your brain is, without your knowledge, slowly, inexorably shrinking. The gray cell volume peaked sometime during the time when you were sprouting those acnes; but it has been downhillsville since. The shrinking accelerates as you age in years. Do you find yourself easily distracted away from these words at the slightest noise around? Do you find your thoughts wandering to some pleasurable or hurtful moments of the past while doing something totally unrelated, so you take more time than normal to complete the task at hand? Ah, then these are symptoms of the brain getting old and getting smaller. And if you happen to belong to the male of the species - as I do -, then, congratulations, like everything else in your and my life, the speed of the brain shrinkage too is faster than the other gender. Let's enjoy the speed!


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