Friday, May 11, 2007

The Frog That Found Itself In Boiling Water

Summary: Change management is a complex process - whether at an individual or organizational level. Whether it is realizing that the children have grown up and begun to have a mind of their own; or whether it is understanding that the loss of one's partner (divorce, death, separation) means that life has to move on; or whether it means the job one is in is no longer meaningful and it is time to look for alternatives... knowing that change is due and acting on the change is what keeps the cells rejuvenated and energized. The same holds true for an organization. This post looks at the process of change management from the worldview of a frog who finds himself, first in the water that he has lived all his life and which is becoming inhabitable ever so subtly; and the second time in waters that he plunges in headlong, only to realize that it is not to his taste.

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How We Find Ourselves In Boiling Waters, Too

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