Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Technology Behind Subliminal Messaging

Our Thoughts, Our Subconscious, Our Life
In the past few years, subliminal messaging has entrenched itself as an effective technique to address issues pertaining to one's mental makeup. Whether it is our anxiety about our performance in bed, our wilting away at the slightest criticism, our indecisiveness in those life-defining moments, our consistent failures in business, the butterflies that flutter in our stomach when appearing in an interview ... it is now known that the root of our problems lie in the way our subconscious is programmed. It is through subliminal messaging that we can rewire our subconscious, in order to feel in total control during sex, be immune to criticism, be decisive in those life-defining moments, taste success after success in business, hold our own during that interview ... (Readers interested in my articles on the virtues of subliminal messaging may browse through my blog.)


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