Saturday, October 7, 2006

Reprogram The Mind Through Visual Subliminal Power

In the past few decades, with the advent of the computers, scientists have turned towards exploring how the power of the ubiquitous desktop can be harnessed to understand how the human psyche works. Every human being possesses enormous potential; it is only a question of tapping into one's energies, eliminating all that is preventing these energies from coming to the surface, and
letting the potential blossom. One technique that has emerged as a result of this exploration exploits the fact that users have a high amount of concentration when they are focused on the computer screen. By flashing positive messages and imagery on the screen unobtrusively and for the flash of a second, this technique bypasses the defense barricades of the conscious and seeks to reach out to the ever accepting subconscious. This article looks at how powerful software is clubbing research on psychoanalysis with computer technology to reprogram your mind for the better.


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