Monday, October 2, 2006

From Jaded Conscious To Placid Subconscious

The Cynical Conscious
As children, we were quite open to the world around us. We were very easily influenced by the comedy shows or thriller movies they show on TV, and in our childish innocence, often imitated our favorite characters. There were no barriers between the conscious and the subconscious elements of our mind. To us, all elders were icons to be emulated unquestioningly - whether for good or for bad. The characters we admired on TV became idols whose persona we began to assume subconsciously. Gradually, in our own unique ways, our life begins to imitate the character's life. Whatever we saw happening to the character on the screen, begins to happen in our life, too! (Have you ever reflected on why you did what you did in those defining moments of your life? Go back to your childhood days. Nine times out of ten, you will find the seeds of your actions and decisions there. Perhaps there was some icon, then, who had done exactly what you ended up doing in your own life?)


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