Monday, October 2, 2006

The Business of Software Development - Not for Nerds or Techno Geeks?

Hesitation, or lack of guts?

I have seen it happening in almost all the seminars and conferences that I have attended. You see, as entrepreneurs, we enjoy the opportunity of networking that breaks of coffee and lunch between long sessions and powerpoint presentations provide us. Plates and glasses in hand, small groups form on the floor of the recreation lounge; and light to moderately intense conversations blossom forth. Talk to these groups about anything under the sun: be it planning, be it the latest regulation or ruling on taxes, be it the latest opportunity in some exotic venture, be it the latest rumor about some takeover or acquisition, the participants are brimming with it all, eagerly exchanging notes. But, the moment somebody utters the word "software", you can almost see visions of high-tech computer labs, of nerds and techno-geeks banging their keyboards, of difficult-to-pronounce words and heavy jargon, clouding the visage of most of the listeners around. It is as if there is an invisible barrier that breaks the steps of these otherwise very techno-savvy, and very, very computer-literate people.
Taking that one single step, from using somebody's program to run one's business, to developing perhaps an even better program and then selling it and making money, is in reality simple, but psychologically daunting.


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