Friday, June 5, 2009

Wellbeing And The Science Of Matter-Energy Continuum

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Our Emotions And Thoughts Influence Our Health

The hypothyroids amongst us will perk up at this news, I am sure, if they haven't come across it already. Two researchers in Australia succeeded in reducing very high TSH levels in a couple of patients through Neuro Emotional Therapy (NET) - and brought back their hypothyroid condition to normal. The treatment involved making the patient sit comfortably, making them extend a pronated arm, "testing" a specific muscle in the arm, and while doing so, asking the patient to recall emotions of fatigue, stress and feelings of loss and vulnerability - similar to the feelings a hypothyroid experiences when not on any medication. And while the patient's mind was engrossed in experiencing these emotions, the researchers "contacted" specific skin points on the wrist of the extended arm (known as "triple heater points" (TH) / "Meridian Access Points" (MAP) in acupuncture parlance).


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