Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pygmalion And The Miracle Of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

image by czarest, sxc.hu

- Believe In Yourself - Believe In Your Creations

You wouldn't find young, handsome Pygmalion ever wearing that special look that young males think they should wear when in the vicinity of the objects of their desire. While the other hot-blooded male hunks spent their time chasing skirts and generally had fun --- Pygmalion, an introvert, silent type, would retire in his own private world where he would dream of the woman who was perfect in his eyes. Night and day he would ponder over this woman who did not exist - never existed - in the real world. So focused was he on the woman, that, slowly, his mind began to give it a shape. He could now clearly see in his mind's eye the features of the person he desired to have as his. Being a sculptor of the highest caliber, Pygmalion got himself a slab of the best marble there was, and began chiseling out from stone the woman in his dreams.


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