Monday, January 26, 2009

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

'Nymph With Morning Glory Flowers' by Jules Joseph Lefebvre, wiki_*

* 'Nymph With Morning Glory Flowers' by Jules Joseph Lefebvre, wiki. Since the time of Adam and Eve, we have always judged the quality of our own beauty through the eyes of others, including that of the artist who painted this image of the 'beautiful' nymph.

Live By Your Own Standards Of Beauty And Handsomeness

The Greek storytellers of yore excelled in creating icons that have endured the passage of time. One among them is that of Narcissus. This son of a God and a nymph is considered to be the epitome of male beauty. The Handsomest Male To Ever Walk The Surface Of The Earth. He set the benchmark for others to judge their own beauty and handsomeness against. And invariably they would find their own judgment giving them a lower score. I bet all fellow males of his generation would forever have low self-esteem problems for as long as he lived!


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