Sunday, October 19, 2008

When Despondency And Bleakness And Despair Surround From All Sides

Film poster - Final Destination III_*

* Poster of 'Final Destination 3', wiki.

Dispel Them All With Light And Hope And Cheer

--- "DO YOU BELIEVE IN FORTUNES?" the camera pans over the banner, ominous music playing in the background, before zooming up and giving a panoramic view of a theme park. A bunch of seventeen-year-old high school kids, enjoying themselves before their graduation ceremony, finally move towards the major attraction: a ride on the giant roller coaster. Suddenly, one of the kids has a premonition that people are going to die on the roller coaster. Her friends mock her. But some of them get out of the coaster cars before the ride begins. And when the ride begins, in a few moments, the premonition comes true. Those who had got out, survive.


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