Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The State Of The Human Mind At The Point Of Death

'Book by Raymond Moody_*

_* "Life After Life", by Dr. Raymond Moody, Amazon. This book and Dr. Moody's research brought "Near-Death Experiences" into the realm of scientific study.

Near-Death Experience Is A Great Eye-Opener!

Used to be a time when the subject of stepping beyond the boundaries of life - demarcated by birth and death at two opposite ends - was strictly the domain of experts such as your next-door tantric or shaman or aghori or kapalika. Talk about life after life, and images of these evolved beings spring to mind, they chanting some esoteric verses, skull in hand - for that added effect -, sitting in the dead of night in some graveyard, a just-died corpse lying beside them. Busy conducting an experiment to send the soul of this corpse into the netherworld to fetch something from there; upon completion of which task the soul is supposed to return back into the corpse and resume its place, so that the corpse comes back to life and no longer remains a corpse.


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