Sunday, July 20, 2008

This Olive Branch Made Of Gold Has Great Value

Gold Replica Of Olive Branch, source Dayton.hq.nasa.gov_*

[* Gold replica of olive branch that Neil Armstrong placed in a bag and left it behind on the Moon during his trip there.]

This Olive Branch Lies On The Surface Of The Moon

Man's quest for exploration knows no bounds. Deploying whatever tools and devices the contemporary technology makes available, man has always sought to stretch his (her) stamina and perseverance to its limits, in order to explore and learn more about new lands, new places, and new cultures. (And look for opportunities to commercially exploit them, of course.) Having exhausted all avenues of exploration on earth, having concluded that earth is finite and round and there are just so many masses of land dotting the watery planet and, uh, only so many things to discover, man turned his (her) attention to the next available object to explore - the Moon.


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